Can We Not Knock It? – A Celebration of ’90s Football – Subscriber Copy


A Celebration of ‘90s Football
By Sid Lambert & Chris Scull
Paperback: 178 pages     Publisher: Conker Editions (24 October 2021)
ISBN-13: 9781999900892     Size: 148 x 210mm     RRP: £15.00

CAN WE NOT KNOCK IT? is your ultimate guide to the most groundbreaking and downright insane period of football history. Football in the 1990s was brilliant and bonkers in equal measure. And if you want to read anecdotes about all those goals that Alan Shearer scored, how good Zinedine Zidane was, or pontifications on David Beckham’s halfway line heroics, then THIS IS ABSOLUTELY NOT THE RETROSPECTIVE FOR YOU.

Sid Lambert and Chris Scull celebrate the niche and the nonsense of this defining decade. Gary Lineker doing a poo in his shorts during a World Cup game; the unforgiveable length of David Seaman’s ponytail; Jack Charlton falling asleep in front of the Pope – these are mere footnotes in most modern histories, but within these pages they are cornerstones of 90s football culture. And where else can you find chapters devoted to Sensible Soccer, Subbuteo, ClubCall, and the joy of Ceefax?

CAN WE NOT KNOCK IT? is a nostalgia-fuelled tribute to a footballing era that refuses to be forgotten.

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