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“Fully justifies its self-styled description of being the number one book for every goalkeeper, past and present. The perfect stocking filler for anyone who has ever taken their place between the sticks or simply goes wobbly at the knees at the mere mention of Uhlsport, Sondico or Coffer. More exclusive interviews and anecdotes from some of the game’s goalkeeping greats. Lavishly designed. Stunning. Magnificent.” — TheSportsman.com

“When it says it’s the no.1 book for every goalkeeper it means it. A glorious collection of memorabilia and images touching on just about everything you can think of regarding goalies. If you’re a fan of the ‘Got, Not Got’ series then you’ll almost certainly like this. In addition, all the author royalties from the book go to Bob Wilson’s Willow Foundation.” –talkSPORT Christmas Gift Guide

“A veritable treasure trove for anyone interested in the world of football custodians. The attention to detail is stunning. Memories jump off the page; you can almost smell the PU from a pair of Sondico Pro File. Stokes’ love for all things goalkeeping really comes across in his writing. Despite being focused on goalkeeping there is something for everyone here. The layout is a feast for the eyes. An ideal stocking filler for the goalkeeper in your life. Excellent.” —The Football Pink

“An ode to the goalkeeper – too often football’s overlooked scapegoat. Not only can you reconnect with your carefree childhood, but you are different – and often the difference. Goalkeepers get a bad rap. They deserve to be celebrated more than they have been. A fun ode to goalkeepers, bringing together an array of stories from the world of goalkeeping.” –The i Paper

“A goalkeeping version of Got, Not Got. Glove Story promises to be another winner, packed as it is with easily digestible mix of photographs, memories, memorabilia and large chunks of subjectivity. All great stuff and a perfect stocking filler.” –Sports Book of the Month

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One-nil to Conker! – despite the best efforts of micro Peter Shilton.

The book for all with a goalkeeper’s-eye view of the game. Packed full of exclusive interviews with some goalkeeping greats. You can read about the great brands, games, cartoon characters, kits and just about every other aspect… but you don’t have to have been one to enjoy this book.” –The League Mag

“Fine book illustrating what’s in goalkeepers’ heads as much as goalkeeping artefacts. Wallowing in goalkeeping sentiment and lore, the book is terrific.” –Francis Hodgson, author of Only the Goalkeeper to Beat

“A little gem, a great little treasure.  I read it and it seems that not only does it know me, but it has been spying on me and getting into my thoughts and even dreams for at least 40 years. Made me travel through time, recalling smells, colors, textures and sensations.” — Así es… o no… blog (translated from Spanish)

“Buy this book – inside it’s laid out fantastically well with superb illustrations and has colour on every page. The most enigmatic of positions.  Usually the maddest man in the squad.  When he’s good he’s loved – think Pat Jennings, Sepp Maier,  The Goalie, Peter Bonetti – hell, one of my earliest heroes was Felix the Brazil goalkeeper in the 1970 World Cup! “ –Follow, Follow

“A collection of goalkeeping memorabilia, vintage product images, goalkeeping memories and interviews. The ideal gift for any goalkeeper past or present but you don’t have to be a member of the Goalkeepers Union to appreciate this book. By purchasing this book you’ll also be doing some good as all the author royalties are being donated to the Willow Foundation.” –The Boot Room blog Christmas Gift Guide

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