What the media are saying about The Shirt Hunter

I can’t put this book down! One of the best kit books I’ve read for ages. Peris’s enthusiasm and knowledge of shirts is masterful, and the book is packed with stories, facts and photos of loads of superb jerseys. A must read! Great work.” – John Devlin, author of True Colours.⁩ ⁦

“Really enjoyed Peris’s book – light-hearted but full of detail. His stories will ring a bell with more seasoned collectors, and give newer ones an insight on the days before eBay and CFS.” – Alex Ireland, author of Pretty Poly.

“I’ve been reading this book this week and what a pleasure it’s been. It gives you massive, “remember that shirt?!” feels. Such an entertaining nostalgia-fest written with warmth and expertise.” – When Football Was Better @FootballInT80s

… and The Little Book of Casuals…

“An absolutely fantastic read and a real memory jerker for anyone who used to go to football when it was decent. Currently blasting through it.” – Dougie Brimson, writer and filmmaker

“it’s buzzing on social media at the moment, and rightly so. I was a bit surprised by the detail, this little book is fascinating!” – UK Casuals (@ukcasuals2 on X)

“Loving it. Feels like a little tribute to what we’re all about. I think it’s pretty spot-on. Great little pocket read, I think we’re going to be selling quite a lot of them on ‘80s Casuals. ” – Neil Primett, founder 80s Casual Classics (click below for full review on X)

“A neat guide to the changing hair, clothes and footwear that became part of terrace culture during the 1980s. The illustrations that accompany the text are wonderful in showing the constant switch to new brands and styles that swept through the ranks of any self-respecting Casual. Be prepared for a trip down memory lane as tennis, golf and other sporting brands as well as established fashion names that became de rigueur in and around the grounds of the Football League are all detailed in glorious colour within the pages of this tiny gem.” – Football Book Reviews (click here to read full review)

… and Highs, Lows & Di Canios…

… and Get Shirty…

“Another excellent, well-researched, engaging and wonderfully illustrated addition to the Conker Editions stable, which once again understands and conveys the importance of history and nostalgia in telling the story of the game today… Tells the story of how the company “helped pioneer today’s multi-billion pound sportswear industry” and “invented the replica football strip and revolutionised the worlds of football finance and street fashion alike… The book details how with their vibrant designs and new materials, including the use of the distinctive Admiral logo at every opportunity on shirts, shorts, socks, tracksuits etc. they came to sign up vast numbers of clubs and challenged the bigger more established brands such as Adidas, Bukta and Umbro… It should never be forgotten that they changed the landscape in terms of kit designs and the replica market we have today.” – FootballBookReviews.com

In this wonderfully researched chronicle, Andy Wells tells the unlikely story of upstart UK sportswear firm Admiral. At a time when replica shirts were of generic design, and without club badges, Admiral revolutionized the landscape in the early 1970s by persuading (and paying) clubs for the right to re-design their jerseys, and then to re-produce them for that most energetic, eager and relentlessly pleading market of them all — young boys obsessed with soccer. Admiral’s eventual decline left us only with a scrapbook of sportswear classics. Conker Editions has a knack for books like this… bright and sometimes blurry nostalgia-hewn pictures for the wondering eye… while outlining in entertaining detail how we’ve moved from soccer’s burgeoning commercialism of the 1970s to the cash-saturated business of today.” – SoccerAmerica.com

“The one-time England national side’s Outfitter Admiral, in whose quince yellow Jerseys Frankfurter Eintracht played, can point to an eventful history. Unfortunately – as portrayed by Andy Wells in Get Shirty (amusing, anecdotal and with abundant illustrations) the story ended in a downhill trajectory.  Although Admiral still has a national team under contract, it is the US selection… in cricket.” – 11 Freunde

… and Pompey Chimes, Pompey Times…

“Filled with hilarious anecdotes and enriched by a lifetime’s treasure trove of Subbuteo figures and Esso coins, Persil vouchers and match tickets, here is a beautifully told tale of a football fanatic’s lifelong obsession with their club, a love no armchair supporter could understand.” – Ian Burrell, columnist i-paper

“Another feast of nostalgia served up by the Conker Editions team. Simpson’s journey through half a century of Pompey memories is illustrated by countless souvenirs from the vast collection in his spare room ‘museum’, accompanied by an entertaining text that puts every programme cover, sticker album, newspaper cutting, lapel badge or Subbuteo set in its proper context.” – Backpass

“This book is an absolute gem for any Pompey fan. Well done @PompeyTimes and @ConkerEditions!” – Colin Farmery, Pompey author of repute 

… and Can We Not Knock It?

“Hats off to Conker Editions, the Leicester-based publisher, for the latest addition to the company’s impressive book portfolio. ‘Was football more fun in the 90s?’ the authors ask, to which the response is, ‘Unquestionably, yes’. After reading CWNKI, it’s difficult to disagree. Has you wallowing in memories from more than 20 years ago. Fantastic… Wonderful… Treat yourself and buy it.” – SportsBookOfTheMonth.com (click to read full review)

… and Flat Caps and Tangerine Scarves

“Underlines the writer’s knowledge, and love, of the Bloomfield Road club. But whereas Calley’s first book was a serious record of the club’s history, his new offering is more light-hearted and more of an oral history, full of great quotes, superb images and photos of memorabilia of the Seasiders’ long and illustrious past. Stanley Matthews, Stan Mortensen, Jimmy Armfield, Alan Ball; all of the great stars to have pulled on the famous tangerine shirt are featured, in newspaper reports, magazine features, even bubble-gum cards giving the reader a fascinating look into how media coverage towards the game in general – as well as Blackpool in particular – has developed. A must-have for all Blackpool fans and will also be enjoyed by anyone as a look at football coverage and fandom through the eyes of one club.” – The League Monthly (click to read full review)

“A Blackpool FC book like no other. Flat Caps is a must-read for all Pool fans, providing a passionate and opinionated perspective on the club’s recent history, covering the strange and tragic fate of legendary goalscorer Jimmy Hampson, the 1953 FA Cup triumph, the obscure European glory of 1971, the Premier League ‘best trip’, the anti-Oyston boycott and much, much more.” – Blackpool Gazette (click to read full review) 

“Neatly packaged, attractively presented but divertingly quirky, as we have come to expect from Conker Editions, it is highly recommended.” – Backpass 

“The first thing to say is that the author’s journalist background is evident in the quality of the writing and research. Calley is able to mix a poetic and lyrical style with fact, also including in some places dreamlike fantasy pieces, but retaining a conversational and at times humorous tone in telling the warts and all story of the Lancashire coastal club. This is undoubtedly a book aimed at the Blackpool faithful and will no doubt be a source of debate for those old enough to remember the 1953 FA Cup Final win, and those younger fans who witnessed the 2010/11 Premier League season only to find themselves watching football in the fourth tier just six years later. However, it has a wider appeal for anybody wanting to get a snapshot of this famous English club and its place in the English game. –  FootballBookReviews.com (click to read full review)

“Is it the orange shirts, my admiration for Jimmy Armfield or the 1953 FA Cup final? I’m not sure but there’s something about Blackpool FC that I’ve always liked. This new biography of the club by Roy Calley is a fascinating read.” – When Football Was Better @FootballInT80s

“A brilliantly original, fully illustrated biography of Blackpool FC.” – @StanchionBooks

Amazing collection of all 5-star reviews on Amazon, too… Click here to check out Blackpool fans’ opinions on the book. 

… and
 Glove Story 2

“We were both big fans of Glove Story, a fantastic collection of goalkeeping memories. Glove Story 2 is a great little stocking-filler, not just for the goalkeeper but for the football fan. I’m not a keeper and I love it.” Paul Hawksbee, talkSPORT

“Congratulations on this book, your magnificent obsession with all things goalkeeping really comes out. If you are interested in goalkeeping, it’s a lovely thing.” Andy Jacobs, talkSPORT

“This is a comprehensive coverage of every aspect of goalkeeping from grass roots to Premier League and international football. Everything you ever need to know about goalkeeping is in these two books. Honestly, it’s amazing. You don’t have to be a goalie to enjoy this book, every single page catches your attention.” Bob Wilson, on talkSPORT’s H&J Show

“As with the first book, this is a feast on the eyes, with the superb graphics once more of illustrator Doug Nash and page after page of images that set the fingers tingling in anticipation of the next glove, shirt or other ‘keeper related ephemera. As a reader and retired member of the ‘Goalkeepers’ Union’, this book brought memories flooding back of my time between the sticks. This is a book that I know I will revisit a number of times as I gaze fondly at gloves and shirts I once donned and it will no doubt have the same effect on anyone who has guarded the net as the last line of defence.” Football Book Reviews (click to read whole review)

“GLOVE STORY 2 is a MUST–READ for everyone who thinks they know everything about the goalkeeper glove’s role in football. Superbly written with lots of fabulous illustrations and photographs and a feast of anecdotes both surprising and hugely entertaining. DYNAMITE!!!”  Paul ‘The Beaver’ Trevillion

“If you’re interested in goalkeeping, give this book a read – really interesting.” Mark Crossley @bignorms

… and Football’s Black Pioneers

“Some very interesting stories – some remarkable stories. An incredibly timely release. Now, more than ever, this is an important book.’’ Hawksbee & Jacobs, talkSPORT

“Oft-devastating, yet oft-uplifting. Remarkable new book charting the first black players to appear for all 92 league clubs. The result is only ostensibly about the (not always) beautiful game. Rather, what emerges over 92 wildly different mini-biographies, is a far wider social history about the black British experience over the last 130 years. Yet this is by no means a bleak read. The lives here are shot through with triumph, defiance against stacked odds and genuine, real-life heroism.” Independent.co.uk (click to read whole feature)

Dennis Walker: Manchester United’s first and only black Busby Babe… A fluent Farsi and Arabic speaker, Walker became in 1963 the first black player to make a senior United appearance.” The Guardian extract 

“Picked for England but then dropped by the FA… because he was black.” Sunday Mirror full-page news feature, crediting Football’s Black Pioneers

“Busby Babe who helped save thousands from IRA Arndale bomb.” Sunday Mirror full-page Football Rewind feature, crediting Football’s Black Pioneers

Fascinating accounts. Painstaking research. Hern and Gleave provide a real insight into the struggle of so many black players over the years to make their way in the game. An excellent read. Testimony to the bravery and resilience of so many players down the years.” Morning Star 

If you enjoyed talkSPORT’s acclaimed six-part series Coming in From the Cold then you will enjoy Football’s Black Pioneers. Viv Anderson writes the foreword as stories of the first black players to represent the 92 League clubs is told. From Arthur Wharton’s debut for Sheffield United in 1885 right up to the present day, the authors have spent four years researching the various stories. They include the only black Busby Babe and the player who was picked for England and then dropped when selectors discovered he was black.” talkSPORT Perfect Christmas Gift Guide

“An extraordinary volume of research… an important social history.” SportsBookoftheMonth.com

“In light of the recent resignation of the English FA’s Chairman Greg Clarke, there is no better time to reflect on Bill Hern and David Gleave’s book. 92 chapters of unique, fascinating and often eye-watering personal tales. Deserves its place amongst the must read football publications in your library bookshelf.” Sports Writers’ Festival

“A book that has been thoroughly researched, and that is bursting with uncharted soccer history… Digs up so much entertaining and thought-provoking material in covering the first Black players in English soccer.” Ian Plenderleith, Soccer America

“Littered with great surprises and stories at every turn. Whilst the book is enormously entertaining it also details the issues that players and their families suffered both on and off the pitch. An excellent piece of research and writing… timely indeed.” FootballBookReviews.com

“Latest book acquisition and it is a spectacular one. Beautifully put together and the labour of love of Bill Hern and David Gleave, for Conker Editions. Definitely needs to go on your Christmas list.” – Steven Scragg, author of A Tournament Frozen in Time: The Wonderful Randomness of the European Cup Winners’ Cup

“Northampton’s Sixfields stadium stands on Walter Tull Way and a memorial to him there states, ‘Through his actions W.D.J. Tull ridiculed the barriers of ignorance that tried to deny people of colour equality with their contemporaries.’ As did all these gents. as far as I’m concerned.” ’10 favourite stories’ from the book – The Mumper of SE5, Art Gallery Clothing blog 

“This book is fantastic. A great concept and some really interesting stories that I’d never heard before.” When Football Was Better @FootballInT80s

“It’s a genuinely fantastic read, and not a little humbling. Great work.” Author Dougie Brimson

“The human stories are pretty unbelievable. Really, really fascinating to read.” Nick Hatton, BBC Radio Leeds

“There are always stories that crop up that make you scratch your head and think, “Really? Is that what was going on back in the day?” Jules Bellerby, BBC Radio York

“Learn about the unsung black trailblazers of the game. Football’s Black Pioneers profiles the first black player at each of the 92 league clubs.” Kick it Out

“Highly recommend this… features a chapter on Jack and other great stories, and the authors have been incredibly helpful to the campaign.” Jack Leslie Campaign

“Your book comes in a timely fashion given everything that’s being discussed. Empire has played a huge role in shaping quite literally the world that we live in but also the country that we live in. I for one think it’s a travesty that it isn’t taught, warts and all, in the school curriculum to help young children understand why the world looks the way that it does and why England and the UK looks the way that it does.” Gul Nawaz Hussain, BBC Radio Leeds

“Looks as though Football’s Black Pioneers is going to have a huge impact in bringing to the surface the story of black footballers in the UK.” Stanchion Books

“Whilst it may seem biased as they wrote for us, Football’s Black Pioneers book is amazing. Four years of research went into finding the history of every first black player to play for each football league club. This book should be in every school and family home.” FootballShorts.org

… and The A-Z of Weird & Wonderful Football Shirts

“An absolute cracker – you just disappear down a rabbit hole [of football shirts]. A great football toilet read.” Hawksbee & Jacobs, talkSPORT

“With people turning nostalgically to their football memorabilia for any fix they can get, the release of The A to Z… could not have been better timed. The colourful, crazy, creative shirts contained within the book will undoubtedly make you smile. Some of the designs are iconic, others are just simply bonkers. It’s a book you simply can’t put down as you turn another page in anticipation of what comes next.” FootballBookReviews.com (click to read whole review)

“”Author Richard Johnson is the man behind nostalgia blog ‘The Football Attic’ and, it’s safe to say, has a big interest in football kits. If it’s a trip down football kit memory lane you’re after then this is the one as you will recognise some old favourites and discover some real obscure ones, too, such as the team who dressed as broccoli florets and an XI who appeared to be hotdogs.” talkSPORT Perfect Christmas Gift Guide

“Superb! A must buy for any football kit fan. Congratulations to Rich Johnson for this magnificent achievement.” John Devlin, author of True Colours Kits

“Features many of the strangest – and worst – designs you’ll ever see. Reveals some of the more bizarre recent offerings. Gruesome. Outlandish. Fractal mash-up. Imagine a full-scale counter-attack with giant strawberries running at you! With the right blend, you can beat them and make the perfect smoothie, too.” Sunday Mirror

“Brash, lurid, kitschy and often very funny, this has to be a contender for lavatory book of the year.” SportsBookoftheMonth.com

“Sumptuously illustrated with something close to 300 shirt images, shines a light on some of the most original and unconventional designs as well as those that have come to be regarded as classics. CD Lugo would take to the field looking like 11 foaming pints, but these are by no means the weirdest.” Backpass

Ranges from the beautiful to the bizarre to the baffling. This book is a love-letter to color, design and diversity in soccer and its unique branch of fashion – and a magnificent way to spend a couple of hours not watching the news. All this and Che Guevara, the Spanish Civil War, strawberries, blueberries, Minnie Mouse, broccoli, Oktoberfest and Carnival, goalkeeper shirts aimed at distracting strikers, plus zebras, butter beans, backbones and The Libertines.” Ian Plenderleith, Soccer America 

“Looks great and is one of those things you could just sit and talk about all night… a brilliant book.” BBC Radio Coventry & Warwickshire

Jersey collector are there many. The Special about Richard Johnson is that he’s bizarre Camisole loves. Quote: ‘As La Hoya Lorca you Brought out broccoli leotard, it was done for me.’ Said shirt from a Spanish club with a vegetable look is just one of many derailments in Johnson’s A-Z of Weird & Wonderful Football Shirts.” 11Freunde

“Get this book in your life. ‘The A-Z of Weird & Wonderful Football Shirts’ is a glorious trip down memory lane featuring many of my favourite kits from the past and some real obscurities!” When Football Was Better @FootballInT80s

“Absolute banger.” AfterExtraTime Shirts @AETshirts
“Excellent stuff.” kitgeek.wordpress.com @kit_geek
“At this tough time it’s essential to keep spirits high. I’ve found a book which I believe could do just that. Quality book.” The Kitsman @The_Kitsman

… and The Got, Not Got Football Gift Book

“The Got, Not Got boys are back in action. For fans of sheer unadulterated football nostalgia, fantastic book. The ideal Christmas gift, such a lot of fun to go through. You’ve covered every aspect of the game from programmes to magazines, from products to games. Old TV shows, computer games over the years, weird and wonderful things you’ve completely forgotten about. I absolutely love this; but I’m sure people older than me would, too, and people younger than me. I think this will do very well at Christmas… Steve Bruce will be reading this on the toilet!” – Paul Hawksbee, talkSPORT

“Good fun, and full of nostalgia! There’s so much work gone into this. Perfect for people of a certain age. We’re definitely fans!” – Andy Jacobs, talkSPORT

“If Subbuteo and Scorcher & Score were mainstays of your formative years, this will have you smiling within the first few pages. A cornucopia of pre-Prem days. Wonderfully curated, this is a happy walk down Memory lane.”  Sunday Mirror 

“I’m putting a call out to football fans of any age, any club, to step into the wonderful ‘Got, Not Got’ time-machine and be transported back in time to football’s distant past. Captures the very essence of being a football fan. Passion and genuine excitement radiate from every page. The vast array of football memorabilia is mind-boggling. The book’s strength is its ability to connect with you on a personal level. An explosion of colour and vibrancy. It’s crammed full of pictures, a feast for the eyes… with insight and thoughts that provide real context to every item pictured. Comedy gold. It’s time to revisit your lost childhood and indulge in a bit of escapism.”  It’s Round and It’s White (click to read whole review)

“This book is gorgeous. Amazing.”  Sid Lowe

Fascinating book takes a fond look at the collectables of 20th century football, including some London gems. It’s packed with sporting collectables that readers of a certain age may remember from childhood.” – Londonist.com (cool picture feature)

“The ’90s was full of brilliant collectables and gifts and Got, Not Got has them all covered in their latest book. Collected Corinthian figures? Loved playing FIFA 99? Remember completing your France ’98 sticker album? It’s full of nostalgia and perfect for any ’90s Football fan!” – @90sfootball

“Absorbingly wonderful. No one knows the world of football merchandise, spin-offs, magazines, programmes, toys and souvenirs like Hammond & Silke, and this is another brilliantly fascinating, masterful piece of work.” Backpass

“A must for fans you know who loved those playground fads whether it was Corinthian figures, Puma Kings or other footy ‘stuff’ – the best kind – of the last 50 years.” – talkSPORT.com Christmas Gift Guide

Talksport - hawksbee & Jacobs Show - got, not, got hammond & silke

Our good friends behind the Got, Not Got series of football nostalgia books have published another blinder, The Got, Not Got Football Gift Book, a catalogue of some of the greatest football-related merch from years gone by. Everything is there – toys, comics, stickers, kits and loads of tat you’ll almost certainly have forgotten about. A lovely piece of work.” – Top Flight Time Machine 

“Comes in the form of a mock catalogue of soccer memorabilia from decades past. Impossible board games, worthless giveaways, ugly jerseys, ill-fitting promotions and sponsorships, tenuous tie-ins, strange sticker and card sets, obsolete and short-lived magazines, unwieldy computer games. Yes, most of these things were actually rubbish. But they were our rubbish, our past, and we have every right to look back at them and feel that sense of delightful melancholy for the Christmas morning when everything you opened that wasn’t edible had something to do with soccer. Boots, balls, kits and books — they’re all beautifully pictured here, accompanied by an easy-going commentary that never takes the game too seriously, while conveying the necessary unconditional love and affection for the way things were.” – Ian Plenderleith, Soccer America

“A riveting read. The amount of pictorial and subsequent text research is simply staggering and it reveals the amazing range of products available over the years. You will find the stories behind the footballing Action Man, Subbuteo, Airfix players, Corinthians Pro Stars, dodgy kits, the classic sports bags, silk scarfs, rosettes, football comics, Sportspages (loved that shop), football boots, videos and video games, football on telly, and so much more. If any of the above has got you thinking of your own possibly by-gone collection, then I can recommend this book without hesitation.” – The Mumper of SE5 blog at Art Gallery Clothing

“Open up The Got, Not Got Football Gift Book and you immediately feel like you’re being transported back in time. It’s a lot of fun… authors Derek Hammond and Gary Silke have come up trumps. A cracking Christmas present for the mature fan, this will also get the young ones smiling. A superb trip down memory lane.” Late Tackle magazine  

“An absolute joy. Fully laden with lashings of nostalgia. It’s incumbent upon those of us old enough to appreciate how football used to be to keep the flame of yesteryear alive. Buy the Got Not Got Football Gift Book and show today’s generation of fans what they’re missing.” – SportsBookoftheMonth.com

“Lavish, picture-packed. Guaranteed to whisk football fans of a certain age straight back to their childhood, when the latest must-have soccer boots, Subbuteo and primitive electronic games dominated optimistic Christmas lists. Now it’s possible to relive those days, flicking through the Gift Book making mental Biro circles around the most enviable items – and shaking your head in disbelief at some of the gimmicks, styles and player endorsements that somehow failed to catch on.” – Eastern Daily Press / East Anglian Daily Times

“Really, REALLY enjoying the latest Got, Not Got offering, the Football Gift Book – well worth checking out if you haven’t already. Memory after memory. My favourite book of the moment, packed full of nostalgia and laughs.” – When Football Was Better @FootballInT80s 

“Trading cards, Programs, magazines, toys of all kinds as well as kitsch and Knick-knacks out the past decades, something about football did present Derek Hammond and Gary Silkie in her brightly colored, large-format paperback that like an order catalog comes along – but unfortunately none is. Because one would like to come get to all this junk.” – 11Freunde (with thanks to Google Translate)

“Reading The Got, Not Got Football Gift Book, I feel like Christmas has come early. In turning over each gloriously colourful A4 page, memories of items I used to have and many that I had simply forgotten about, have been reignited. A visual feast, but the tongue-in-cheek observational notes that accompany the items add to the experience. The research that has gone into the book is wonderful. Will appeal to football fans old and new. Whether you are a reader reminiscing about badges, scarves and programmes that have long since been confined to the loft or a fresh faced supporter stunned by what passed for club merchandise down the years, there is something for you.”  footballbookreviews.com

“Brilliant Xmas present – I’ve got mine!” – The Wealdstone Raider, Gordon Hill @OnlyOneRaider

“What a cracker! Chock-full of interesting items and stories, tightly written by the boys in their entertaining style. A heavyweight edition, cleverly crafted. I thought that some of the steam may have gone from the football memorabilia book marketplace, but Derek and Gary have fired up the genre once again. You should go out and buy yourself a copy of this one – I think that you will like it.” – Nigel’s Webspace – English Football Cards

“If you want a bit of nostalgia, or someone wants to buy you a stocking filler, you will not go wrong with ‘The Got, Not Got Football Gift Book’. It is certainly not a ‘United’ book, but there is enough within the pages to keep you interested and occupied on Christmas day and beyond. You will find items that you had, probably still have, thrown away or simply wish you had bought at the time. You might also like me suddenly find out where a certain item originated from. I certainly enjoyed turning the pages, simply wondering what was going to appear next and I am sure that you will as well.” – United Review Collectors Club

“Highly recommended. It’s available from all good book stores and it’s great!” The League Magazine @Theleaguemag

“A fascinating trip down footy card nostalgia avenue.” – The Card Scene magazine

“If you love football, you’ll absolutely love this book.  It has everything you collected as a child and more. It’s full of great stories from yesteryear and covers everything from Subbuteo and sticker albums to kits and computer games.” – Derek Clark, Talkin_Fitbaw podcast

“This book was a great find for football fans growing up from ’60s through ’90s. A book looking back at all the great-football related presents we all wanted. They are all in here, from Subbuteo onward.” – Tim Caple, talkingsportsbooks.com podcast

“Great to see a nice selection of Admiral goodies included in the @GotNotGot Football Gift Book, the latest publication from the kings of football nostalgia.” – Classic Admiral Shirts @AdmiralShirts

“Out now! The @GotNotGot Football Gift Book! If you don’t yet have a copy, WHY NOT?!?!” – The Football Attic

“An absolute treasure trove for anyone interested in football nostalgia, you literally have to turn the next page! Great content, beautifully presented and very highly recommended.” – Mal Winkles Football Memorabilia @MemorabiliaMal

“Another superb publication from Got, Not Got.” – The Derby County Collection @dcfccollection

“Just looking at the cover should entice fans to add this to their Xmas list”  The Football Cartophilic Information Exchange (Stars of the ’70s football cards listing)

What the media are saying about
Can’t Buy That Feeling

“Terrific. A great insight into the players and fans that helped make our history – and I’ve been involved with 90% of them!” – Alan Birchenall

“Buy it!” – Ian Stringer, BBC Radio Leicester

“Thoroughly enjoying this – a great compendium of interviews from three generations of Leicester City players.” – Lee Marlow, author of Muzzy: My Story

“Honoured to have my interview included in #LCFC book ‘Can’t Buy That Feeling.’ My name alongside legends of our great club leaves me humbled. I’m just a Lestah boy that lived the dream for the briefest of moments and luckily nodded one in at Filbo. The book’s great.” – Matt Piper (@_mattpiper)

“Fantastic new book, packed full of interviews with Foxes legends Lineker, Smith, Ian Marshall, Muzzy Izzet, Robbie Savage among others. Really enjoyed it, love the style and the fact you can dip in and out or read it through as one.” – 80s Football (@FootballInT80s)

“My lovely mother has bought me a present. Looking forward to getting stuck into all these #LCFC interviews.” – James Sharpe, Leicester Mercury (@TheSharpeEnd)

“100+ interviews – players, managers, famous fans, board members – spanning almost 30 years, compiled in one book. Terrific work from Simon Kimber, Gary Silke & the Fox Fanzine. A must read for any Leicester City fan. Brilliant #LCFC memories.” – Geoff Peters, talkSport

“New from Conker Editions – and ideal for Leicester City fans. Features interviews with many City greats including Lineker, Banks, Worthington and many many more. It’s a great read!” – The League Magazine (@Theleaguemag)

What the media are saying about Glove Story

“It’s goalkeeper glove porn! If you’re a goalkeeper of any standing – professional, amateur, Sunday, whatever – or if you know a goalkeeper, then this is the ideal Christmas gift.” –Paul Hawksbee, talkSPORT

“Quite simply, the No.1 book for all No.1s. If you know your Reusch from your Sondicos, this is the book for you, covering every stopper from Al Habsi to Zubizaretta. Plus yesteryear pics of Pat Jennings as a car air filter and Peter Schmeichel as a pig farmer… ah yes, it’s all here. Dive in and enjoy!” –Sunday Mirror

“When it says it’s the no.1 book for every goalkeeper it means it. A glorious collection of memorabilia and images touching on just about everything you can think of regarding goalies. If you’re a fan of the ‘Got, Not Got’ series then you’ll almost certainly like this. In addition, all the author royalties from the book go to Bob Wilson’s Willow Foundation.” —talkSPORT Christmas Gift Guide

“The perfect stocking filler for anyone who has ever taken their place between the sticks or simply goes wobbly at the knees at the mere mention of Uhlsport, Sondico or Coffer. Exclusive interviews and anecdotes from some of the game’s goalkeeping greats. Lavishly designed. Stunning. Magnificent.” — TheSportsman.com

“The attention to detail is stunning. Memories jump off the page; you can almost smell the PU from a pair of Sondico Pro File. Stokes’ love for all things goalkeeping really comes across in his writing. The layout is a feast for the eyes. An ideal stocking filler for the goalkeeper in your life. Excellent.” —The Football Pink

Phil Parkes (QPR, West Ham & England), Julian Speroni & Wayne Hennessey (Crystal Palace), Bryan Gunn (Norwich City & Scotland), Terry out of Detectorists, and Bob Wilson (Arsenal & Scotland).

“This is a great fun read for the goalkeepers’ union, and for a great cause.” –John Cross, Daily Mirror

“An ode to the goalkeeper – too often football’s overlooked scapegoat. Not only can you reconnect with your carefree childhood, but you are different – and often the difference. Goalkeepers get a bad rap. They deserve to be celebrated more than they have been. A fun ode to goalkeepers, bringing together an array of stories from the world of goalkeeping.” –The i Paper

“A goalkeeping version of Got, Not Got. Glove Story promises to be another winner, packed as it is with easily digestible mix of photographs, memories, memorabilia and large chunks of subjectivity. All great stuff and a perfect stocking filler.” –Sports Book of the Month

“Great present from the grandchildren.” –Tony Coton

“It’s a terrific little book for all goalies of all ages. I’ve got a grandson who’s now suddenly decided he wants to do goalkeeping. He’s 14 and daft as a brush like me, diving head first at people’s feet. For anyone who is interested in goalkeepers or has played in goal it’s a great little pleasure read. Some say goalkeepers are crazy. Anyone who has spent time between the sticks and doesn’t have this book certainly is crazy. It’s a must have for any keeper.” –Bob Wilson interview in The Comet/The Gooner

Alan Knight (Portsmouth), Henrique Hilario (Chelsea), Rob on talkSport’s Hawsbee & Jacobs Show, Tom King (Millwall), and on the table at Sky’s Soccer AM.

“It was like being a loner in a team.And I think that’s why I, perversely, liked playing there. Go figure. So, when I read recently of Glove Story, I knew I had to investigate further. It has some fantastic photos of some of my heroes back then, plus reminders of some great old goalkeeping characters and focuses on a fantastic collection of keeper memorabilia. If you ever spent any time with any fondness in goal at any level, I highly recommend you get yourself a copy. –The Mumper of SE5 – read on at the Art Gallery Clothing blog

“The book for all with a goalkeeper’s-eye view of the game. Packed full of exclusive interviews with some goalkeeping greats. You can read about the great brands, games, cartoon characters, kits and just about every other aspect… but you don’t have to have been one to enjoy this book.” –The League Mag

“Fine book illustrating what’s in goalkeepers’ heads as much as goalkeeping artefacts. Wallowing in goalkeeping sentiment and lore, the book is terrific.” –Francis Hodgson, author of Only the Goalkeeper to Beat

“A little gem, a great little treasure.  I read it and it seems that not only does it know me, but it has been spying on me and getting into my thoughts and even dreams for at least 40 years. Made me travel through time, recalling smells, colors, textures and sensations.” — Así es… o no… blog (translated from Spanish)

“An absolute must for any goalkeeping nut. Top job, Rob!” –Adam Sells

Sebastien Frey (Parma, Fiorentina & France), Rob with Dave Holmes of Sukan Sports, John Milkins (Portsmouth), Luke McGee & John Keeley (Portsmouth), John Achterberg (Liverpool).

“Fantastic book by the men behind the Got, Not Got series and raising money for Willow. Nice stocking filler. Great work.” –Gary James, Manchester City author and historian

“Buy this book – inside it’s laid out fantastically well with superb illustrations and has colour on every page. The most enigmatic of positions.  Usually the maddest man in the squad.  When he’s good he’s loved – think Pat Jennings, Sepp Maier,  The Goalie, Peter Bonetti – hell, one of my earliest heroes was Felix the Brazil goalkeeper in the 1970 World Cup! “ –Follow, Follow

“A collection of goalkeeping memorabilia, vintage product images, goalkeeping memories and interviews. The ideal gift for any goalkeeper past or present but you don’t have to be a member of the Goalkeepers Union to appreciate this book. By purchasing this book you’ll also be doing some good as all the author royalties are being donated to the Willow Foundation.” –The Boot Room blog Christmas Gift Guide

“An easy cover-to-cover read and beautifully illustrated by Doug Nash. If there’s an aspect of goalkeeping you want to know about, Glove Story has the answer.” –The Comet – all the news in Stevenage and North Herts…

Lots of positive reader reviews on Amazon, too.

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One-nil to Conker!