The Got, Not Got Football Gift Book – special bonus subscriber package

The Got, Not Got Football Gift Book is Derek and Gary’s celebration of the good old mail-order catalogue. Packed full of memories and memorabilia in sections such as Toys & Games, Tech, Kit, Food & Drink, Stickers and Clobber, it’s a visual treat and a collector’s treasure trove. Order your special subscriber package now! Get your copy signed and dedicated by the authors, with your name and team (or those of a loved one) printed inside – and a free gift of nine Got, Not Got football collector cards!

Do you remember the feeling you used to get, poring over the glossy pages of your mum’s mail-order catalogue, craving new football kit, cool games and hot tech? Now you can bask once again in that heady vintage swirl of greed, envy and lust. Don’t miss out on the flash white boots you always longed for. The Subbuteo teams of your dreams are finally within your grasp…

The Got, Not Got Football Gift Book is crammed with all the most desirable stuff of the past 50 years – not to mention a liberal sprinkling of delightful old rubbish that was once flogged to wide-eyed soccer kids. Seasoned with bittersweet stories from the lost world of football, its catalogue sections cover everything from must-have football fashions and classic console games to favourite sticker albums and comics.

Big and colourful, hilarious and hypnotic, the Gift Book provides a ready-made Christmas list for optimistic fans, triggering just the same heartfelt yearning as the irresistible Autumn/Winter catalogue of yore. Need! Need! Need!

THE GOT, NOT GOT FOOTBALL GIFT BOOK – Every Fan’s Catalogue of Desires
By Derek Hammond & Gary Silke
A4 Paperback – 168 pages – 20 September 2019

Pre-order your Got, Not Got Football Gift Book now! Be the first kid on your street to own a copy – plus all these bonus features…
1 – Your book will be personally signed and dedicated by the authors
2 – You’ll also receive as a free gift the first set of nine Got, Not Got football collector cards
3 – Your name and team will be printed on the subscriber’s page inside the book – or add the name and team of a friend or relative as the perfect Christmas gift!
4 – All this for the standard RRP of £16…

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