GLOVE STORY out 7 November 2017

Pre-order your copy of Glove Story now, or get your name printed inside a special signed subscribers' copy. You could even add the name of the goalie in your life - a great Christmas gift idea!

Are you, or have you ever been, a goalkeeper?

Do you dream of pulling on a quilted green or Dayglo orange football shirt? Does it make you sigh, just thinking about enormous latex gloves – or of diving in muddy puddles? If so, this might just be the football book for you.

Check out the Glove Story options in the Got Not Got Shop - and don't miss out on an exclusive Art of Goalkeeping poster based on the book's beautiful endpapers...

Preorder Glove Story for a tenner

Glove Story is published on 7 November by Conker Editions, and is now available to preorder.

Are you, or have you ever been, a goalkeeper? Do you dream of pulling on a quilted green or Dayglo orange football shirt? Does it make you sigh, just thinking about enormous latex gloves – or of diving in muddy puddles? If so, this might just be the football book for you.

Glove Story is a visual feast, featuring a unique collection of goalkeeping memorabilia and original illustrations by Doug Nash. Gloves and stars’ shirts from the 60s to date, vintage games and equipment catalogues appear alongside photography covering goalkeeping from park to international level. We’ve put up a few sample pics on the Got Not Got blog.

The book sets out to capture the essence of what it means to be a goalkeeper, shining a light on the concerns and obsessions of everyone who has ever been a member of the Keepers’ Union. We’re talking:

  • Exclusive interviews with legendary goalkeepers – memories, tips, stories, plus ‘My First Gloves’
  • Games, toys and memorabilia – from Subbuteo and Striker to Tonka and Corinthians
  • Features on all the top brands – adidas, uhlsport, reusch, Coffer, Sondico, Sells…
  • Secret goalies, from Arthur Conan-Doyle and Che Guevara to David Icke
  • The evolution of goalkeeping shirts, gloves, boots, training and thinking
  • Memories of goalkeeping summer schools
  • Fictional, cartoon, stand-in and endorsement-friendly keepers
  • The dawn of modern goalkeeping, coaching and development
  • The greatest ever saves, quotations, superstitions, blunders and Kids in Kit
  • Budgie – and whether Goalkeepers are Crazy, or just Different…

Click here for more details, or to preorder Glove Story for a tenner.

Special subscribers’ copy of Glove Story – author signed, with your name printed inside

If you’re a fan of the Got, Not Got books, a follower of Rob Stokes and his incredible collection of goalie gloves and memorabilia, or maybe on the lookout for a special Christmas present for the goalie in your life, you might like a special subscribers’ copy of Glove Story.

So what do you get for your extra fiver on top of the regular £10 cover price?

It’s all about teamwork! 
  • Your name will appear in a special subscribers’ list inside the book. (Or you could add the name of the goalie in your life – a great Christmas gift idea!)
  • Your copy of the book will be personally dedicated and signed by the authors
  • You’ll also get an exclusive Glove Story key ring and stickers!

Subscribers’ copies are all about teamwork. If you’re happy to preorder the book a few weeks before publication, it will help us at Conker Editions to cover our initial costs – and in return we’ll do everything we can to hopefully make your Xmas that little bit more special.

If you’d like to receive a bespoke signed and dedicated Glove Story with your name printed inside, you just need to let us know the extra details.

At checkout:
1) Please use the ‘order notes’ field to enter the name you would like added to the subscriber’s list.
2) When we are signing your copy, we will by default dedicate the book to this person. If you would prefer no dedication, or a special message, please add a second note.

1) Richard Smith, Evington
2) Best wishes to Grandad at Christmas

The Art of Goalkeeping

Across Glove Story‘s beautiful endpapers you’ll find 80 of the world’s greatest ever keepers, all captured in unmistakable style by the book’s illustrator, Doug Nash.

Fourteen eightieths of Glove Story’s wonderful endpapers.

Doug is selling posters of his goalie-friendly creations – complete with correct kit, gloves and boots – at his own Art of Goalkeeping website, shortly to open for business. He offers posters featuring the goalies from the book as well as other shot-stopping stars from many individual clubs.

To celebrate the launch of Glove Story, Doug has created for Conker Editions an exclusive Home International Greats A2 poster, which features his selection of the finest British goalies ever to pull on the hallowed yellow nylon of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. From Banks and Shilton to James and Hart; Pat Jennings and Harry Gregg; Alan Rough, Jim Leighton, Andy Goram; from Leigh Richmond Roose via Gary Sprake to Wayne Hennessey, they’re all lined up for duty. Bring back the Home Internationals!

Who needs wallpaper when you’ve got the chance to collect up giant A2 Art of Goalkeeping goalie posters? Check out the Great British Internationals edition – with added zoom!Save

Glove Story – in support of Willow

Following the lead of author Rob Stokes, all the author royalties from Glove Story will be donated to Willow, the only UK charity supporting seriously ill 16 to 40 years old through Special Days.

Willow’s Co-Founders and Life Presidents, Bob and Megs Wilson, at a goalkeeping summer school back in the day – as featured in Glove Story.

This donation represents the collective effort of a whole team of writers, photographers, illustrators, other individuals and businesses involved in the production of the book. Likewise, the book’s illustrator Doug Nash is going to donate a proportion of his Glove Story/Art of Goalkeeping poster sales to the charity.

The plan is not simply to make a modest donation of royalties to Willow, but instead to convert the figure into copies of the book. Bob and Megs Wilson and their team can then get the books and posters signed by their extensive contact list of top goalkeepers – which will hopefully turn them into attractive items for the charity’s auction events.
Here you can find out more about the work of Willow.





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