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Roy Calley’s brand-new biography of Blackpool FC is now available, complete with free limited-edition Blackpool postcard. Goalkeepers past and present need Glove Story 2, with three free limited-edition postcards – one signed by a GK legend! Football’s Black Pioneers tells the unique stories of the first black players to represent each of the Football League clubs. Foreword by Viv Anderson MBE.
The A-Z of Weird & Wonderful Football Shirts showcases 240 groundbreaking classics and all the coolest curios. The Got, Not Got Football Gift Book is a collector’s treasure trove in catalogue format, packed full of vintage goodies that will inspire a heady swirl of greed, envy and lust. Glove Story is the No.1 book for goalies. Can’t Buy That Feeling is the Best of The Fox Interviews. And Manchester City Folklore explores the club’s mythology.

Now in Stock: Can We Not Knock It?

CAN WE NOT KNOCK IT? is a nostalgia-fuelled tribute to a footballing era that refuses to be forgotten.

Written by Sid Lambert and Chris Scull, it’s your ultimate guide to the most groundbreaking and downright insane period of football history. 1 January 1990 – 31 December 1999.

Football in the 1990s was brilliant and bonkers in equal measure. And if you want to read anecdotes about all those goals that Alan Shearer scored, how good Zinedine Zidane was, or pontifications on David Beckham’s halfway line heroics, then THIS IS ABSOLUTELY NOT THE RETROSPECTIVE FOR YOU.

Sid Lambert and Chris Scull celebrate the niche and the nonsense of this defining decade. Gary Lineker doing a poo in his shorts during a World Cup game; the unforgiveable length of David Seaman’s ponytail; Jack Charlton falling asleep in front of the Pope – these are mere footnotes in most modern histories, but within these pages they are cornerstones of 90s football culture. And where else can you find chapters devoted to Sensible Soccer, Subbuteo, ClubCall, and the joy of Ceefax?

Features a foreword by Michael Marden, ‘Quickly Kevin’ Director of Podcast.

Chris Scull and Sid Lambert have joined forces to create the ultimate celebration of ’90s football. Chris is the co-host and co-creator of the smash hit 90s football podcast Quickly Kevin, will he score? which was selected as one of The Observer’s podcasts of the year in 2017 and won bronze at the 2018 British Podcast Awards. Sid Lambert is a viral sensation, running his hugely popular nostalgic football Twitter account It’s A Funny Old Game. His work on the good, the great and the utterly appalling of ’90s football has featured in Planet Football, Mundial, and the West Ham United matchday programmes.

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Now in stock! 101 Manchester City Matchworn Shirts

Spanning the 1920s to the 2020s, this evocative collection of matchworn Manchester City shirts opens a unique window on to the club’s history that will resonate with every fan. Every page is packed with a wealth of supporting memorabilia – programmes, tickets, football cards, adverts… even authentic mud on some of the shirtsleeves.

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101 MANCHESTER CITY MATCHWORN SHIRTS brings the memories flooding back from City’s rollercoaster past as Mark McCarthy explores the story behind every shirt. Recall the players who pulled on these iconic blue shirts and a dazzling array of second colours. The unforgettable matches at Maine Road, the Etihad, Wembley – and away in the Football League Second Division. Every different style, every sponsor and shade of blue brings to mind an era, a manager, an association with seasons in the sun or endless hopeful optimism.

Plucked from the world’s greatest matchworn City collection, here is Colin Bell’s shirt from the 1967/68 title winning season. The shirt worn by Paul Simpson when City clinched promotion on the last day of the 1984/85 season. A shiny one-off worn when City debuted the new Maine Road floodlights in 1953. Shaun Goater’s 1999 Wembley Play-off stripes. Phil Foden starring in the Champions’ League. David Silva. Joe Corrigan. David White… and 93 more.

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Available now – Flat Caps & Tangerine Scarves

Flat Caps & Tangerine Scarves is author Roy Calley’s long-awaited follow-up to his updated classic, Blackpool: The Complete Record. This brilliantly original, fully illustrated biography of the club is available now via the Conker Shop and all bookshops.

Comes with a free limited-edition Blackpool postcard – only when you buy from Conker Editions!

Hampson, Matthews, Mortensen, Suddick, Green, Armfield, Ellis and Adam. Smith, Stokoe, Ayre, Grayson and Holloway. Atomic Boys, hooligans, boycotts and homecoming. 1953 and 2010. ‘The best trip’. Blackpool Football Club.

Every fan knows that supporting this club is the much-used cliché ‘rollercoaster ride’. Every success is followed by failure, every moment of hope followed by despair and every dream becomes a nightmare. It’s what being a Blackpool fan is all about. Blackpool supporters are not that different from any others, and the club is not that different either, but there’s something in the fabric of its identity that says that nothing will ever come easily.

Flat Caps & Tangerine Scarves isn’t a history. It’s a biography. A manic dash around the seasons like a stream of consciousness. Getting into the minds of the players, the managers and the supporters of the club that defies normality and embraces controversy and crisis. Quotes, interviews, opinions and unusual stories. Like the Golden Mile, it’s brash and unexpected. Read, recall, argue and agree, but identify as a fan… because We Are Blackpool.

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Glove Story 2 + free limited-edition keyring + set of 3 postcards… one signed by a GK legend!

The ultimate goalie gift or DIY keeper treat. Shotstoppers need Glove Story 2 by Rob Stokes, Derek Hammond & Gary Silke. 

Order now for the regular RRP of £14 and you’ll also receive a limited-edition set of three iconic keeper postcards by GS2 illustrator Doug Nash – one of them personally signed by Phil Parkes, Bob Wilson or Pat Jennings – and a collectable keyring, too!

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Are you, or have you ever been, a goalkeeper? Do you dream of owning the biggest pair of oversize latex gloves in your school, club or local pub? Does the sight of a bulging goal net make you feel distinctly woozy? If so, this may be another football book for you.

Three seasons on since Glove Story made its acclaimed debut, the same crack team of collectors and nostalgics are ready for a big-league comeback. In a lavishly enlarged second edition, Glove Story 2 delves deep into Rob Stokes’ amazing collection of goalkeeping memorabilia – not just hundreds of pairs of rare vintage gloves but also equipment catalogues, games, glovebags, videos and even special football boots for goalies.

This catch-all compendium of keeper culture features shared memories galore, all suffused with GK lore. Like The Godfather 2 and Toy Story 2Glove Story 2 is a sequel that expands on the original with yet more larger-than-life characters and terrific stories – including the highlights of conversations with over 30 goalkeeping stars. With a foreword by Arsenal & TV sport legend Bob Wilson.

Read Glove Story 2 and you will discover:
Hundreds of images of rare and vintage goalkeeper memorabilia never before seen in print 
Top keepers’ choices of their greatest inspirations and influences
Kid gloves – your own snaps of junior shotstoppers at work, and meeting their goalkeeper heroes
All the great brands – and many more that fell by the wayside
Plus keeper tips, programmes, stamps, TV keepers, the American Invasion, coaching evolution, goaliemobiles, and adverts with rubbish puns…

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Football’s Black Pioneers – available now with free limited-edition print

Available now, complete with free limited-edition Pioneers print – only when you buy direct from Conker!

The Stories of the First Black Players to Represent the 92 League Clubs. A new perspective on the lives, careers and experiences of groundbreaking black footballers in England. With a foreword by Viv Anderson MBE.

Ninety-two chapters tell the unique stories of the first black footballers to play for each of the English Football League clubs. Four years of original research have not only identified each of these history makers for the first time in a definitive and permanent record. They have also uncovered a wealth of fascinating, often eye-opening personal tales, which now comprise a collection of rich and hugely varied short stories.

The stories span the period from Arthur Wharton’s debut for Sheffield United in 1885 right up to the present day, covering over 130 years of social history. They include personal interviews with many of the players – including Viv Anderson MBE, Chris Kamara, Tony Ford MBE, Neville Chamberlain and Roland Butcher – and family members of stars from the more distant past. 

Football’s Black Pioneers features an incredible variety of emotive human stories and forgotten characters, together with a powerful theme of struggle against now-unthinkable attitudes, and the revelation of countless unexpected historical facts.

Read the stories of the first black players to represent the 92 League Clubs, and you will discover:
• The first black player to represent England at any level (and it isn’t Anderson, Cunningham or Odeje)
• The player who was picked for England and then dropped when the selectors discovered he was black
• The only black Busby Babe
• The footballer/psychologist who served 12 years in a US jail for acid attacks on his wife and her attorney
• The first black player to play for Wales – almost 50 years before Viv Anderson appeared for England
• The clubs that went over 100 years before fielding a black player
• The first black player to play cricket for England, who was also the first black player for a Football League side
• The first Jamaican to play in the First Division, who went on to become a TV personality back in the Caribbean
• The player attributed as the first Australian to play in the Football League – who has no connection whatsoever with that country
• The player who went on to become the first black manager in England
• The player who went on to become a comedian and showbiz personality
• The player who made over 1,000 League appearances (second only to Peter Shilton)
• The player whose career was ended when he was run over by two team-mates
• The family whose origins we have traced back to enslavement in Jamaica that has provided one past and one current England international

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